Renewing and Canceling Labor Cards: What You Need to Know

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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the labor card in UAE is a vital document for expatriate workers. It serves as a symbol of their employment status, granting them the legal right to work within the country. However, like any official document, labor cards have an expiration date, and understanding the renewal and cancellation process is crucial for every expatriate worker.

In this article, we will walk you through the application process, fees, consequences of late renewal and expiry, how to check your labor card online, and the importance of verifying your labor card status. We will also delve into the modification and renewal of existing labor cards, including the security verification code, if applicable.

Application Process and Required Documents

labor card in UAE

When it comes to obtaining or renewing your labor card in the UAE, understanding the application process and having the required documents in order is the first crucial step. This process, while initially may seem daunting, is manageable with the right guidance.

To start, you need a sponsor, typically your employer or a local agent, who will be responsible for submitting your application. They play a vital role in ensuring the process goes smoothly.

The essential documents you need include a valid passport with at least six months of validity, a signed and attested employment contract, a few recent passport-sized photos with a white background, a medical certificate from a government-approved medical center, an application for the Emirates ID, and the necessary application form.

These documents are the foundation of your labor card application, and having them ready will streamline the process. Ensure your employment contract is complete and in accordance with UAE labor laws. Make sure to obtain your medical certificate, as it is a mandatory requirement to assess your health for work purposes.

In addition, the Emirates ID is a vital piece of identification in the UAE, so the application for it should be submitted promptly. Finally, fill out the application form diligently, making sure all details are accurate and complete. Process delays might occur due to discrepancies or missing information in your application.

Indeed, understanding this application process and having your required documents ready are the initial building blocks of a successful labor card application. It is essential to work closely with your sponsor and double-check all details before submission to ensure a smooth process and avoid any unnecessary delays.

UAE Labor Card Fees

Understanding the UAE labor card fees is a crucial aspect of the employment process in the United Arab Emirates. These fees are an integral part of securing or renewing your labor card and maintaining your legal working status within the country.

For individuals seeking their initial labor card in the UAE, you can expect to pay around 200 AED. This fee covers the cost of processing your application and issuing the initial card, allowing you to legally work in the country.

Moreover, when it comes to renewing your labor card, the typical fee is approximately 300 AED. Regular renewal is essential to ensure your labor card remains valid and up-to-date, preventing any disruptions in your employment.

Additionally, in cases where your labor card is lost or damaged, a replacement card can be obtained for about 500 AED. It is crucial to report the loss or damage of your card immediately to avoid any misuse and to facilitate the issuance of a new one.

The fees for cancellation of a labor card can vary based on specific circumstances and reasons for termination. Also, it is essential to be aware of the terms and conditions of your employment contract to understand any potential fees associated with card cancellation.

Keep in mind that these fees are subject to change, and it is advisable to verify the latest fee structure with the relevant authorities. Staying informed about the labor card fees ensures that you are financially prepared for the costs associated with your employment in the UAE. This knowledge is essential for maintaining your labor card status and avoiding any unexpected financial burdens in your professional journey.

Consequences of Late Renewal and Expiry

Understanding the potential consequences of late renewal and expiry of your labor card in the UAE is paramount. Failing to renew your card on time can have serious implications, both personally and professionally.

First and foremost, when your labor card expires, you become vulnerable to financial penalties. These penalties can accumulate rapidly, increasing your financial burden. Also, to avoid these costs, it is crucial to initiate the renewal process well in advance.

In addition to financial consequences, an expired labor card can also result in legal issues. It is a violation of UAE labor laws to continue working with an expired labor card. Therefore, this can lead to legal action against both you and your employer, potentially damaging your employment relationship and reputation.

Another significant consequence is the inability to work legally in the UAE. An expired labor card means you lack the legal authorization to hold a job in the country. This can disrupt your career, financial stability, and overall life in the UAE.

In conclusion, the consequences of late renewal and expiry of your labor card in the UAE are severe. Financial penalties, legal issues, loss of the ability to work legally, and the risk of deportation are all potential outcomes. To avoid these negative consequences, it is essential to prioritize the timely renewal of your labor card to maintain your legal work status and peace of mind in the UAE.

Expiry and Fines for Labor Card Holders

Understanding the implications of expiry and fines for labor card holders in the UAE is essential. Failing to renew your labor card on time can result in significant financial penalties.

Once your labor card has expired, you may begin to accrue fines on a daily basis. These fines can add up quickly, potentially causing a financial strain. To avoid this, it is crucial to initiate the renewal process well in advance of your card’s expiration date.

The specific amounts of fines can vary, and it is advisable to check with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information. Monitor your labor card’s expiry date closely and act promptly to avoid potential financial penalties.

However, fines are not the only concern when your labor card expires. The consequences extend beyond financial penalties. An expired labor card can lead to being categorized as “illegal”, putting you at risk of deportation and a ban on re-entry to the UAE.

Overall, deportation is a serious matter that can disrupt your life, career, and family. To avoid this, prioritize timely labor card renewal, preventing becoming an illegal resident in the UAE.

In conclusion, the expiry and fines associated with an expired labor card in the UAE can have substantial financial and personal consequences. Being aware of your labor card status and renewing it on time is vital for legal work status and peace in the UAE.

How to Check UAE Labor Card Online

labor card in UAE

To get started with the UAE labor card check, you need to visit the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). Here, you will find a user-friendly portal designed to facilitate labor card verification.

  1. Access the Portal: Visit the MOHRE’s official website and navigate to the “Online Services” section.
  2. Login or Register: You may need to create an account or log in with your existing credentials.
  3. Labor Card Verification: Look for the specific option related to labor card verification. The option might appear as “Verify Labor Card Status” or a similar label.
  4. Enter Details: You will be prompted to enter your labor card number or other relevant identification details. Fill in the required information accurately.
  5. View Status: Once you have submitted the necessary details, the portal will provide you with your labor card status. This will indicate whether your card is active or expired.

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily check your UAE labor card status online. A valuable tool, it ensures your card’s validity and prevents problems linked to an expired card. Remember to perform regular checks to stay informed about your employment status in the UAE.

Importance of Verifying Labor Card Status

The importance of verifying your labor card status in the UAE cannot be overstated. It is a critical step for all expatriate workers to ensure a smooth and legally compliant work experience.

Checking your labor card status is vital for several reasons:

  1. Legal Compliance: An active labor card ensures you are legally compliant, allowing you to work in the UAE without any issues. It is a fundamental requirement.
  2. Avoiding Fines: Regularly verifying your labor card status helps you avoid fines that can accumulate if your card expires. These fines might cause financial strain for individuals facing labor card penalties.
  3. Employment Protection: An active labor card provides legal protection for employees. It ensures that you have rights and safeguards in your employment.
  4. Employer Accountability: Verifying your labor card holds your employer accountable. They are responsible for maintaining your legal work status.

In conclusion, verifying your labor card is not just a formality but a crucial aspect of working in the UAE. It safeguards your rights, protects your employment, and ensures your legal compliance. Make it a regular practice to check your status and enjoy a trouble-free work experience in the UAE.

Modification and Renewal of Existing Labor Card

The modification and renewal of your existing labor card in the UAE is a straightforward yet crucial process. If there are changes in your employment status or personal information, it is essential to update your card promptly.

To modify your labor card, you typically need to inform your employer or sponsor about the necessary changes. They will guide you through the process, ensuring that your card reflects the accurate and current details of your employment.

When it comes to renewal, initiating the process before your card’s expiration date is vital. Begin by checking your labor card status online using your labor card number. Indeed, this step provides clarity on your card’s validity and whether it requires renewal.

Once you confirm the need for renewal, coordinate with your employer or sponsor. They will guide you through the renewal process, ensuring all required documents are in order. Timely renewal is crucial to avoid fines and legal issues associated with an expired labor card.

Additionally, if your labor card includes a UAE labor card number, ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies can lead to complications during the renewal or modification process.

Security Verification Code (if applicable)

If your labor card application requires a Security Verification Code, you should obtain it from the relevant authorities. This code is typically issued to ensure that only authorized individuals can make changes to your labor card data.

The Security Verification Code enhances labor card security by adding an additional protective layer to your information. It prevents unauthorized modifications, safeguarding your employment details and personal information.

When checking labor card online, you might need to enter a specific code for verification. So, it is essential to keep it secure and accessible when needed.

Also, in case you have misplaced or forgotten your code, you should contact the relevant authorities for assistance. So, accurate documentation and communication are vital to resolve such issues promptly.


In conclusion, your labor card in the UAE is more than just a document; it is your key to legal employment and peace of mind. Regularly checking your labor card status through UAE labor card check is a simple yet crucial practice.

Timely renewal and modification of your labor card, including the use of a Security Verification Code if applicable, ensure your employment information remains accurate and secure.

Remember, the consequences of late renewal or expiry can be financially burdensome and lead to legal issues. Protect your employment rights by staying proactive.

Also, your labor card number is your unique identifier, and any discrepancies should be addressed promptly to avoid complications.

By understanding and following these guidelines, you can maintain your legal work status and continue to benefit from the opportunities the UAE offers to expatriate workers. Your labor card is your passport to a successful career in this dynamic and vibrant country, so keep it up-to-date and protect your professional journey.

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