Salary Check UAE: Your Path to Financial Clarity

salary check UAE

When you do a salary check UAE, you will be able to see how much your professional salary in the UAE is. Likewise, with clearer information, you will be able to see what salaries you can aspire to. In addition, working in the Emirates can be an excellent source of income due to the economic growth.

In this article, we will look at how salary is handled by labor law in the United Arab Emirates. Also, how you can be successful when looking for employment and a fair salary.

Exploring Salary Averages by Job Role

salary check uae

In the pay scale lookup online UAE, you will notice the difference in salaries by type of job. Moreover, a series of salary regulations support this as you will see below:

Salary Standards for Specific Job Titles

In the UAE there is no legal minimum wage nor in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Consequently, to establish a minimum base salary, the employer and the employee may agree and reflect in an employment contract. Furthermore, it is important to do the check salary online UAE to know the salary averages.

In addition, the government indicates that for now it is not planned to apply a minimum wage, as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. However, local analysts state that the minimum wage by agreement in 2023 will be between AED 600 and AED 3,000 per month. Likewise, the amount will depend directly on the qualification of the employee and the company where he/she works.

Also, in Article 59 of the Emirati labor law, employees will not have to purchase their food or goods on the business of their employer. Similarly, the employer may not transfer wages from daily hourly or monthly wages to weekly wages. On the other hand, in Dubai, the minimum salary by agreement in 2023 is AED 16,500 per month.

However, this will depend on the training, experience, and qualifications of the employee. Furthermore, to set these salaries it will depend on the ability to negotiate and nationality. In comparison, a European will have a better salary than foreigners from Asia and Africa.

The average salary check UAE

Profession of worker and salary in AED per month

  • Dentist 39,120
  • Company director 37,450
  • Financial director 35,090
  • Sales manager 25,740
  • Hotel manager 24,450
  • Human Resources Manager 22,700
  • Lawyer 24,020
  • Pilot 20,690
  • Pharmacist 18,420
  • Mechanical engineer 16,920
  • Journalist 16,890
  • Electrical engineer 16,225
  • Civil engineer 15,315
  • Architect 15,000
  • Developer/Programmer 14,910
  • Stewardess 14,590
  • Biomedical engineer 14,120
  • Nurse 13,850
  • High school teacher 13,300
  • Travel agent 13,275
  • Cook 13,605
  • Police officer 12,700
  • Photography 11,485
  • Accountant 11,400
  • Primary teacher 11,185
  • Graphic designer 11,090
  • Commercial representative 10,990
  • Waiter 10,070
  • Cashier 9,930
  • Secretary 9,360
  • Goalkeeper 9,340
  • Administrative Assistant 8,780

In addition, university students can aspire to a minimum salary of AED 12,000 per month, and for a high school student AED 5,000. Likewise, well-qualified professionals receive a salary of at least AED 7,000.

Average salary check UAE by economic sector

Economic sector and monthly Payment (in AED)

  • Jurisprudence 9,500-130,000
  • Finance and Accounting 9,000-65,000
  • Petroleum gas 25,000-58,000
  • Information technologies 10,000-50,000
  • Real Estate and Construction 25,000-45,000
  • Retail trade 8,000-35,000
  • Production/logistics 10,000-35,000
  • Personnel management 12,000-30,000

Comparing Salaries Across Job Positions

Doing a salary check UAE to know what the average salary is can be simple but the salary the employee receives will depend on many factors. This way, some of these determining factors will be education, location, profession, and experience, among others. You will then be able to see the salary comparison based on these parameters.

Salary check UAE According to Profession

In Dubai, the salary will depend on key companies such as medicine, finance, and energy, among others. However, salaries within these companies vary depending on the profession or position held by the worker. See below the salary check UAE for the most common professions in Dubai:

Profession of the employee    and average Monthly Salary

  • Investment banker AED 45,000
  • Cook AED 44,000
  • General Manager AED 35,000
  • Project manager AED 20,000
  • Health Insurance Agent AED 19,600
  • Human Resources Manager AED 18,000
  • Operations Manager AED 15,000
  • Software engineer AED 11,000
  • Business Development Manager AED 14,000
  • Teaching jobs AED 10,400
  • Tax consultant AED 9,500
  • Investment analyst AED 8,333
  • Graphic designer AED 7,000
  • Civil engineer AED 7,000
  • Mechanical engineer AED 6,000
  • Nurse AED 6,000
  • Legal assistant AED 5,500
  • Domestic worker AED 1,830
  • Secretary AED 4,000
  • Customer Service Representative AED 5,554
Salary check UAE Average by Location

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Emirates formed a political and economic alliance of the 6 countries that comprise it. In addition, they are second in GDP after Saudi Arabia, which leads to a competitive economy.

Likewise, the Emirate Dubai has a much better economy than the other emirates. Thus, it is the one with a salary of 10% above the rest of the UAE. That is, in this emirate an employee will earn a little more with the same profession than in the rest of the emirates. Below is the comparison of the average salary in Dubai AED 21,500 to other emirates:

City and average salary (per month)

  • Abu Dhabi 21,000 AED
  • Sharjah 20,400 AED
  • Al-Ain 19,800 AED
  • Ajman 19,300 AED
  • Fujairah 18,100 AED
Education UAE salary check

Generally, a higher level of education will generate a better salary. Now, we will see the Online salary assessment in UAE in Dubai based on the educational level:

  • With a certificate or diploma, a worker will earn approximately 17% more than peers who only finished high school.
  • With a bachelor’s degree, the employee will earn 24% more than workers with a diploma or certificate.
  • Professionals with a Master’s degree earn 29% more than those with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • A doctorate. The holder earns the highest salary by earning more than 23% more than master’s degree holders for the same work.
Salary comparison by experience

In Dubai and the other emirates, your level of experience will also influence the salary you can receive. In addition, according to the online salary assessment in UAE carried out, the base salary that a person earns could double after exceeding 10 years of experience. Below is the salary breakdown in Dubai based on your experience:

Salary Check UAE by Years of Experience   and Average Salary Increase Rate

  • For 2 to 5 years of experience 32% more than newbies.
  • From 5 to 10 years, 36% more than professionals with less than 5 years of experience.
  • Between 10 and 15 years will receive an additional 21% compared to professionals with less than 10 years of experience.
  • From 15 to 20 years the employee will receive 14% more than professionals with 15 years of experience
  • Finally, those with more than 20 years of experience will receive 9% more than those who have only 15 years of experience.

Evaluating Role Compensation in the UAE

Labor law requires that to compensate for the set minimum wage, employers must provide their employees with some benefits. Next, you will see what these benefits are about:

  • Paid leave. You must grant your employees paid vacations in the first year and 30 days thereafter.
  • Travel expenses. The employer will guarantee the employee a return flight to his or her country once the employment contract has ended.
  • Health insurance. Once the trial period is over, the employer will provide health insurance to its employees.
  • The employer will pay end-of-service compensation after completing the terms of the employment contract. Likewise, the compensation may not be greater than the equivalent of a base salary for 20 months.

Tips for Negotiating Your UAE Salary

salary check uae

Below are some useful tips so you can negotiate your salary successfully:

Knowing Your Value in the UAE Labor Market

To find the pay scale lookup online UAE according to your needs, the first thing you have to know is what your value is as an employee. This includes your education, skills, and what your strengths are in the workplace. Furthermore, the CV you present must reflect all these factors clearly, so it is advisable to analyze qualities.

Likewise, do not skimp on exposing all the qualities you have, for them, you can consult with family, co-workers, and friends. In addition to this, observe the following:

Be proud of yourself when looking for a job

Do not limit yourself when looking for a job, in addition, your resume and your cover letters should reflect all your strengths and work achievements. Also, use strong, confident language when highlighting your qualities. Likewise, in job interviews, value and believe that you are the best candidate for the position and let your employer know.

Although sometimes the job search could become desperate due to debts or payments, try to acquire jobs that adapt to your talents. Thus, avoid working in jobs that are below your skills and abilities. Similarly, you deserve to work in a place where you are qualified that will challenge you and make you grow.

Additionally, keep in mind that you do not need to have 100% of the position profile since sometimes the list of requirements is longer than necessary. Therefore, if you meet at least half of these requirements, apply confidently. Likewise, when you are applying for a job, pay close attention to the treatment of the manager in charge of hiring.

Also, observe if they spend time without communicating or offer you a different job than the one offered at the beginning or less salary than agreed upon. This is an indication of the business culture that does not value the workforce they are hiring.

Give yourself the credit you deserve at work

Try to be kind to yourself and do not be humble when you excel in some activity at work. Also, accept the credit you will be given for it and demand it when you do not get it. Additionally, you should let your employer know that you will be proud of the work you did in a particular job activity.

Likewise, if a co-worker of yours wants to take full credit for work done together, make your employer aware of your involvement. Thus, do not steal the spotlight of anyone but assert yours. Additionally, this may mean requesting a salary increase if you believe it is necessary and deserves it. Hence, if you think you deserve 70% of the promotion, still feel free to apply for it.

Also, if you have earned it, let your boss know that you are a great fit for a position above yours that has recently opened up. Likewise, do not pass up the opportunity to tell him about the successes you have had and the good things you have done in your previous jobs.

However, if the company does not take into account your good work at work very often, it is time to think about another job.

Respect for local customs in Salary discussions

You can check salary online UAE when requesting any change in salary but remember the respect to do so. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the Emirate is an Islamic country, and therefore the entire business culture is more conservative. In contrast to the ones in Europe and the United States where they are usually more relaxed.

Navigating the Cultural Aspects of Salary Talks

In the UAE, the business culture is mostly family-oriented, which makes employers tend to take care of the employees of their companies. Consequently, companies will provide a series of social benefits for their workers. In addition, the labor law requires the following contributions:

  • 26% about the pension fund. In this case, the employee will give 15%, the employer 5%, and the rest the Emirati government.
  • Similarly, in social security, the employer will cover 12.5% or 15% if it is in Abu Dhabi and 5% of the employee.

However, the expatriate will not have to make any contribution towards the payment of social security. Another benefit provided by companies to their workers is medical insurance that frequently extends to family members.

On the other hand, the Emirati government currently supports women with employment solutions, thus promoting labor equality. In addition, in recent years it approved gender pay equality contemplated in articles 27 to 24 of the UAE labor legislation. With them, the government assures the protection of women in the country.

Consequently, in the Emirates, by doing the salary check UAE, you will be able to have a good income according to your studies, experience, and skills. Nevertheless, you must see how salaries are managed in the different emirates. Furthermore, to obtain the income appropriate to your position, you must give value to all your qualities without skimping.

Likewise, if you have questions about this, contact us and we will help you because we have a group of professionals trained to do so.

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