Work Permit Number UAE Step-by-Step Application Insights

work permit number UAE

The UAE has become a top destination for individuals relocating for work due to its lenient work visa requirements. Obtaining a UAE work visa is a necessary step for foreigners before relocating. To apply for a work permit number UAE, you must follow several steps.

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of different types of UAE work visas and lists all necessary documents for a visa application. Also, guides you through the entire application process with confidence.

Benefits of Having a Valid Work Permit Number

work permit number UAE

  • A work card is absolutely necessary for employment in the UAE. It is crucial for accessing work-related benefits and must be entered into the payroll system for managing health insurance claims and ensuring accurate tracking of working hours, sick pay, and annual leave.
  • It is important to note that without a work card, employees will not be eligible for benefits.
  • A labor card guarantees adherence to essential labor regulations in the UAE, such as working a maximum of 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day. Overtime is typically restricted to two hours in most industries.
  • Employers must ensure accurate payment of working hours and overtime, as well as provide equitable and secure working conditions. Adequate safety equipment must be provided by employers, and they are prohibited from discriminating based on religion, gender, or disability in the workplace.

Eligibility for Employee Benefits and Protections

To obtain a work permit number UAE, employers and employees must meet specific criteria.

  • The employee must be at least 18 years old, unless the work permit is related to youth work, training, or student work.
  • The employee’s job must align with the employer’s business activities, and the company’s business license must be valid and free of violations.
  • Employees must meet the requirements outlined in the professional regulations for their respective profession or position to obtain a work permit number UAE.
  • Work permit applications can only be submitted by an authorized representative of the employer.

The MoHRE cannot issue, renew, or cancel a work permit number UAE if the employer presents false documents, commits fraud, or fails to carry out registered activities. However, the MoHRE does not have the authority to take action if an employer violates the Wage Protection Plan or other systems that regulate the internal labor market.

Job Security with a Valid Work Permit Number

When applying for a work permit number UAE, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and difficulties, but with proper preparation and adherence to the law, job seekers can successfully obtain a UAE work permit number.

It is crucial to comply with the law to avoid significant risks, such as working in the UAE without a valid work permit.

Working in the UAE without a work visa or work card is illegal and can result in serious penalties, including hefty fines, deportation, and even imprisonment.

It is important to remember that engaging in such activities is a clear violation of UAE labor laws and can damage your reputation.

However, to protect your legal status and future potential, it is essential to prioritize obtaining a valid work permit number UAE check.

What are the types of work permits in UAE?

MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates) offers 12 types of work permits for different employers depending on the nature of the work. With these licenses, employers can approach the hiring process with confidence and find the right solution for their business needs.

  • The Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MoHRE) offers 12 types of work permits to different employers depending on the type of work. These include foreign work permits, mobile work permits, temporary work permits, and mission work permits.

Each permit has a specific purpose, such as bringing in workers from outside the Emirates.

  • Transferring foreign workers from one employer to another, hiring someone on a specific project for a limited period of time in the Emirates, but holding it back, and many others. Short-term or fixed-term assignments may employ foreign workers with different permits.
  • The company offers several permits that cater to specific groups. These permits are the Youth Work Permit for minors aged 15 to 18 years, the Education Student Work Permit for existing students aged 15 years and above, and the Domestic Student Permit for Emirati Education.
  • Family-sponsored domestic work permits are also available. However, citizens of the United Arab Emirates or GCC can work part-time and obtain a “golden visa” work permit.

Requirements for Obtaining a Work Permit Number in the UAE

To obtain a work permit and enter the country, there are two options available. If you have an entry visa ready before your arrival, you can collect it at the airport. If you are already in the UAE with another visa, you need to apply for a ‘change of status visa’ after the issuance of your entry visa. Another option is to leave the UAE, obtain an entry visa, and return home.

Job Offer and Employment Contract

A work visa is required to enter the UAE.

  • Your employer must apply for your UAE Free Zone visa if you are employed in one of the UAE’s 46 free zones. Which requires visa allocation approval from the Ministry of Labor. It is important to note that employers in free zones have work visa quota limits, which vary by free zone.

Submit a signed employment contract.

  • After reaching your quota, you have the option to either move to a larger office. Also, request an increase in your quota. The employer must submit the signed employment contract to the Department of Labor for approval once the assignment is approved.

Submit a work visa application and apply for an entry visa.

  • To obtain a work visa, employers must confidently submit an application for approval. The Ministry of Labor will promptly verify the sponsor’s registration as a company in the UAE. Later, assess whether an unemployed UAE national can fill the vacancy instead of the foreign applicant.

Also, the Ministry of Labor will approve the work visa application and issue an entry visa with certainty.

Get an employment entry visa

  • Once your work visa application is approved, the Department of Labor will issue you a work visa. The visa is valid for two months for standard and six months for multiple-entry golden visa holders. Then, this will allow workers to legally enter the UAE, obtain work visas, and apply for residency visas.
  • The employee will receive an entry visa upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates. If an individual is unable to enter the UAE within 60 days, they can apply for a one-time visa extension.

If the worker is already in the UAE on another visa, he will need to apply for a “change of status” visa upon arrival or departure and re-enter to obtain an entry visa.

  • Upon arrival, staff should begin collecting supporting documents for the residency visa application, such as E.g. Emirates ID cards and health certificates. Finally, employers send additional documents to issue a work visa.
  • To work in the UAE, obtaining an Emirates ID card is mandatory. Employees can apply for the Emirates ID card by visiting an Emirates Identity Document (EIDA) center with their passport. Also, an entry visa and submitting biometric data, including fingerprints and a photo.

Health and Medical Screening Criteria

To obtain a residence visa, all applicants must undergo a medical examination at a hospital approved by the UAE government. As part of the UAE work visa formalization, employers are required to upload the employee’s employment contract. All this is from the Ministry of Labor website within 14 days of receiving the results of the medical check.

  • Enrolling in health insurance is mandatory for all expatriate workers in the UAE. Employers in some emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai are required to provide health insurance for their employees and their families.
  • If foreign workers live in Sharjah or the Northern Emirates, they must obtain their own health insurance. It is important to note that the Ministry of Labor will not issue or grant work visas to employees without a valid health insurance card.

Get your work visa and start calculating your salary.

  • The Ministry of Labor will issue your official work visa within 5 days after completing the above steps. With a work visa, employees can work in the UAE legally and employers can confidently process payroll through the official UAE system. Please note that this process usually takes up to 10 days.
  • To obtain a residence visa, the worker must present the required documents together with the application for a residence visa. If the applicant has not yet obtained an official Emirates ID card, the application receipt will suffice. The residence visa is valid for two years and can be extended.
  • A residence visa is mandatory for all foreigners residing in the UAE. The Ministry of Labor has included a work visa for employees as part of the residence visa. Foreigners must obtain a residence visa to perform procedures such as opening a bank account, registering a vehicle, or obtaining a mailbox.

UAE work card fees, expiration dates, and fines

  • The cost of issuing and renewing a work permit number UAE ranges from Dh250 to Dh3,450. The work card is valid for two years, except for civil servants who have a validity of three years.
  • You must renew the work card no later than 50 days before its expiration date. Failure to apply for a new work card within 60 days of arrival in the UAE may result in a fine of Dh500.

Working without a permit may also result in additional fines. Check the fines listed on your work card by visiting the MoHRE website.

  • Find and print your card details by following a similar process. To view the UAE work card fine, select the ‘Precision Calculator’ option instead of printing the map. Enter your card number and the fine will be displayed.

Latest updates to UAE Labor Regulations 2024

  • Companies in the UAE must comply with labor and human resources regulations. It is important to make sure your work paper expenses are in order. Additionally, it is imperative to stay abreast of the changing labor laws in the UAE.

All current employees will need to have a fixed-term contract starting from 2024, which is an important recent change.

  • Dismissals during the probationary period require 14 days’ notice. While transfers to another company in the UAE require at least 30 days’ notice.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the HR and payroll systems in place are in line with the recent changes in the UAE around equal pay. For instance, working hours and flexible working arrangements.


work permit number UAE

The UAE work permit system is easy to navigate once you understand its advantages and disadvantages. Employees can take necessary steps beforehand, although it is the employer’s responsibility to apply for the work permit in UAE. It help to prepare for payroll, ensuring accurate payment and necessary benefits for employees.

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