Complete Guide to Obtaining a Temporary Work Permit in UAE

temporary work permit uae

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) attracts a diverse array of enterprises and professionals, showcasing a tapestry of global talents. To immerse in the UAE’s dynamic economic landscape, individuals must secure a temporary work permit UAE.

In this article we navigate to the complex process of obtaining a temporary work permit UAE. This involves understanding eligibility criteria, compiling essential documents, and submitting them.

Understanding Temporary Work Permits in UAE

temporary work permit uae

  1. Temporary Work Permit Overview:
    • Initially, a temporary work permit UAE grants individuals the legal authority to work for a specific employer for up to six months.
    • Subsequently, MoHRE issues this permits to empower companies in recruiting employees for particular projects or tasks.
  1. Application Process:
    • Applicants are obliged to submit various documents such as a recent photograph, passport copies, health insurance, employment offer, residency visa copies, and a no objection certificate from their current sponsor.
    • Afterward, the application process encompasses submitting these documents, making payments, and waiting for approval, usually within 48 hours.
  1. Cost and Fees:
    • The cost for obtaining a temporary work permit is AED 300, along with supplementary charges like knowledge dirham and innovation dirham that might apply in some instances.
  1. Renewal and Cancellation:
    • Employers are accountable for terminating the work permit after its expiration.
    • Additionally, they have the option to renew the permit once more for another six months.
  1. Benefits of Temporary Work Permits:
    • Temporary work permits present individuals with an opportunity to exhibit their abilities to prospective employers, thereby facilitating entry into long-term employment possibilities in the UAE.
  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Individuals must possess a legitimate UAE residence visa surpassing the stipulated duration of the permit to be qualified for a temporary work permit.

Mastering the shades of temporary work permits in the UAE is imperative for individuals pursuing job opportunities in this bustling market, by diligently abiding by the outlined procedures and fulfilling all requisite conditions. Individuals can skillfully traverse the process and gain access to lucrative employment prospects within the UAE.

Why Do You Need a Temporary Work Permit?

To enhance the complexity and significance of requiring a temporary work permit Dubai, consider the following expanded explanation:

  • Firstly, a temporary work permit enables you to lawfully engage in professional activities within the UAE for a predetermined duration, typically spanning between three to six months.

This arrangement empowers individuals to display their competencies before potential employers, thus fostering prospects for sustained occupational endeavors in the region.

  • Also, working under a temporary work permit offers exposure to the UAE’s diverse economic landscape. Providing opportunities to establish relationships and increase one’s likelihood of attaining enduring employment.
  • Likewise, applicants must meet the prerequisite condition of holding a valid UAE residence visa extending beyond the tenure specified in the temporary work permit.
  • Similarly, businesses in the UAE utilize temporary work permits to recruit personnel for distinct projects or assignments without assuming long-term commitments.

Additionally, the UAE temporary work permit carries a nominal charge of around AED 300, inclusive of a 5% Value value-added tax. Generally, applications take roughly two days to process after submission.

By underscoring the multifaceted benefits associated with acquiring a temporary work permit UAE, we can better appreciate the value of this instrument in navigating the regional job market.

Eligibility Criteria to Gain Work Permit

Enhancing the complexity and importance of qualifying for a work permit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

  • Initially, candidates must not be UAE or Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals but rather maintain a genuine UAE residence visa that outlasts the sought-after duration of the temporary work permit, which ranges from 3 to 12 months.
  • After this requirement, applicants must submit numerous documents during the application procedure, including:
  • A recent personal photograph with a white backdrop
  • Copies of passports belonging to both the sponsor and the sponsored individual
  • Evidence of health insurance coverage
  • An official letter of employment from the pertinent organization
  • Duplicates of existing residency visas held by both parties
  • A no-objection certificate from the current sponsor (when applicable)
  • A contract mutually agreed upon by both parties in Arabic.
  • It is then the employer who bears the duty of filing the work permit application. Upon receiving approval, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization will subsequently issue the work permit.

The fee for a temporary work permit amounts to AED 300, inclusive of a 5% Value Added Tax. Normally, the processing time for a work permit is 48 hours.

By accentuating the multi-faceted nature of qualifying for a work permit in the UAE, we can further comprehend the significance of satisfying each criterion to successfully navigate the regional job market.

Application, Renewal & Extension Process

  • Applicants hold two options when submitting their request for a UAE visa extension, via electronic channels. Also, by personally attending a designated UAE visa application center. Meticulousness is paramount in ensuring that all necessary documents are fully completed prior to submission.
  • Generally, the processing timeline for a UAE visa extension extends between three and five laborious workdays. Nonetheless, this duration might expand during times of elevated demand.
  • Following the approval of their application, individuals will gain access to acquire their expanded passports. Also, visas from either the visa application center or their nearby postal service outlet.

In order to qualify for a UAE visa extension, candidates must fulfill certain conditions, including hailing from eligible nations. Additionally, you must maintain a passport valid for at least six months. It is important to have confirmed return tickets or well-defined plans for onward travel and show ample funds to support yourself during your stay in the UAE.

It is pivotal to instigate the extension procedure ahead of time to prevent any potential fines. Moreover, avant-garde services like airport-to-airport (A2A) enable tourists to temporarily leave the country, thereby allowing them to renew their visas upon returning.

Extending Your Work Permit

The Federal National Council in the UAE has augmented the scope of work permits by expanding their tenure from two years to three years. Simultaneously, there exist stringent requirements that both employees and employers must adhere to when applying for a temporary work permit UAE.

This permit authorizes individuals to engage in legal employment within the nation for a predetermined interval. Generally, not surpass half a year, which can be renewed only once for the identical term. The prerequisite for acquiring a temporary work permit includes possession of an authentic employment contract confirming the individual’s employment status.

By this permit, organizations in the UAE are empowered to recruit personnel for particular roles for a restricted duration. Seeking part-time employment in the UAE is indispensable because it offers insight into the country’s work culture.

Also, facilitates individuals in accumulating valuable professional expertise, eventually culminating in long-lasting career prospects within the UAE.

Processing Time and Fees

The expenses associated with acquiring a temporary work permit UAE span from AED 250 to AED 3450, contingent upon the company’s classification in alignment with labor law adherence.

Typically, the standard fee for a temporary work permit stands at AED 300, encompassing a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). Furthermore, supplementary charges like Knowledge Dirham (AED 10) and Innovation Dirham (AED 10) may be applicable if the applicant’s sponsor is already established in the country.

Regarding processing durations, temporary work permit applications generally undergo a two-day evaluation period. Nevertheless, this timeline is subject to variability based on individual circumstances. Following governmental approval of the application, the applicant will be notified through their selected communication channel, such as email.

What factors determine the processing time for temporary work permit applications in the UAE

The processing duration for temporary work permit applications in the UAE is contingent upon a myriad of factors, notably:

  1. Type of Permit: Distinct categories of temporary work permits entail differing processing timelines. For instance, a temporary work permit for family-sponsored residents may undergo a dissimilar processing period. Specifically, compared to a permit for recruiting a foreign employee for a specific project.
  2. Place of Work: The geographical location of the employer’s establishment, particularly if situated in a free zone, can exert an influence on the processing time. Permits for employees operating in free zones may necessitate pre-arrival processing before the individual enters the country.
  3. Compliance with Legal Requirements: Adhering to all legal prerequisites concerning health, experience, and education can impact the processing timeframe. The government conducts thorough verification of compliance before granting approval for a temporary work permit.

Typically, the processing time for a temporary work permit UAE hovers around two days. However, this timeframe is subject to fluctuations based on individual circumstances. Upon approval, applicants receive notifications through their chosen communication channel, such as email.

What are the consequences of not meeting the legal requirements for a temporary work permit application in the UAE?

  • Failure to meet the legal requirements for a temporary work permit application in the UAE can result in various consequences. This includes the rejection of the application, which can lead to wasted time and financial resources.
  • The government rigorously verifies if all prerequisites such as health, experience, and education are satisfied before granting approval for the permit. In cases where these requirements are not met, individuals will be ineligible to proceed with their temporary work permit application.
  • Moreover, challenges may arise during the process, such as the necessity for employer approval and meeting specific eligibility criteria. Following the conclusion of the temporary work period, it becomes the employer’s responsibility to cancel the work permit for employees.

Can a temporary work permit be applied for online in the UAE?

  • In the UAE, one can opt to submit an application for a temporary work permit utilizing an electronic platform. The procedure entails accessing the dedicated portal, inputting requisite information, and appending pertinent documentation.

Also, remitting the stipulated service fee electronically should it be mandated.

  • However, candidates possessing the option to do so may also select to file their request physically at the Customer Happiness Centers or Amer Service Centers. It is feasible to renew the permit once more, maintaining the initial duration. MoHRE oversees the issuance of a temporary labour work permit UAE.

Are there any restrictions on the type of work that can be done with a temporary work permit in the UAE?

  • MOHRE UAE issues temporary work permits, which impose constraints on the kind of work that can be executed. These permits facilitate the hiring of local or international workers dwelling in the UAE to perform specific tasks within a delimited time frame.
  • The permit is valid for a maximum of six months and can be extended once. Yet it remains linked to the sponsoring employer and the precise occupation detailed in the permit. The temporary work agreement must include the number of working hours.
  • Also, any part-time work will be subject to the same regulations and penalties overseeing regular confined, or limitless employment agreements regarding their expiration, renovation, and termination.

How does the sponsoring employer affect the validity of a temporary work permit in the UAE?

The legitimacy and scope of a temporary work permit UAE hinge upon the sponsoring employer. The permit is intimately bound to the employer and the specific job listed in the permit, limiting its usage to the prescribed objective and tenure of up to six months, with the possibility for a solitary extension.

Moreover, written endorsement from the employer is indispensable for both the primary application and any subsequent expansions. Absent the backing of the employer, the temporary work permit would lose its efficacy. Consequently, the sponsoring employer holds a vital function in determining the validity of a temporary work permit UAE.


temporary work permit uae

In summary, securing a temporary work permit UAE represents a significant milestone for prospective employees aiming to acquire professional experiences within the nation. This permit, administered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE), enables job aspirants to legally engage in a specific employer’s operations.

The sponsoring employer assumes a cardinal role in the permit’s validity since it is directly correlated to the employer and the specific job described in the permit. The application process incorporates presenting assorted documents. Also, making payment of a fee amounting to AED 300, and receiving mandatory authorizations.

After concluding the temporary work period, it falls upon the employer to annul the work permit for the employee. Ultimately, a temporary work permit constitutes a beneficial occasion for individuals to exhibit their abilities. Also, accumulate practical knowledge, and possibly procure permanent employment in the UAE. Contact us to learn more.

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