Employment Visa Cancellation UAE: Key Steps & Tips

employment visa cancellation uae

The first thing that is important to highlight about employment visa cancellation UAE is a process that is carried out when a worker resigns. In other words, the worker stops performing his duties in the company. In this case, the employer has to cancel the employment contract and the existing residence visa. Previously, companies allowed visa transfers. However, this is rarely done these days. Additionally, you have to note that you cannot carry out the visa cancellation process UAE on your own.

In this article, we will discuss the common reasons why employment visa cancellation UAE happens. In essence, we are going to focus on answering some common questions on this topic. The first will be how to review the status and history of the visa. In addition, we will explain everything about the visa cancellation process UAE. Finally, we will explain what happens after canceling the employee’s visa. That is the time of grace and similar things.

How to Check Your Visa Status and History in the UAE?

employment visa cancellation uae

A visa is extremely important for expats residing in the UAE. Because it not only certifies your legal status as a resident. Also, if we look at the UAE labor law, this is important to work in the country legally. In addition, it is necessary to rent an apartment, apply for a dependent visa, and many other things.

Knowing your visa status and history is of utmost importance in the UAE. This way, you can know all the details of your visa, and if there are any problems, you will be able to resolve them as soon as possible. In addition, you can also know the UAE visa cancellation status if you need it. For this reason, we will explain how you can check your visa status and history in the UAE.

Your sponsor has the following options for canceling your UAE visa:

  • Directly from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs offices (GDRFA).
  • Online at the GDRFA websites of the appropriate emirate or on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website.
  • Checking Visa History and Entry/Exit Records

In order to carry out this process you will need a valid passport or your ID. Furthermore, you can do it in 3 different ways. The first is through digital channels, i.e. website or smart app. On the other hand, the second is with the Al Aweer Department of Public Services, which is only for visit visas. Finally, you can do it at the AMER service center.

The steps to carry out this process through digital channels are as follows:

First step: Access the smart services system, you can do it with your username or your digital ID.

Second step: You must search for the service you need.

Third step: Complete all the application information

Fourth step: Pay all service fees.

If you do it through the Al Aweer Department of Public Services, you must follow these steps:

First step: You need to visit the utilities section. This can be done at Al Aweer or the airport service center.

Second step: Get an automatic ticket and wait your turn.

Third step: You have to apply by complying with all the conditions and documents for the customer service employee.

Fourth step: Pay all service fees.

If you want to do this through the AMER service center, you must follow these steps:

First step: Visit the customer happiness center closest to you.

Second step: Get your automatic ticket and wait your turn.

Third step: Submit your application by fulfilling all the conditions and documents for the customer service employee.

Fourth step: Pay all service fees.

How to Check Visa Expiry Dates and Validity?

If you want to check your UAE visa status online using your passport number, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to the ICP Smart Services portal so that you can verify the visa by your passport number.
  • You must select change language and click on the English language.
  • You have to click on the tab that says passport information.
  • Now select visa or residence according to your visa type.
  • Enter your passport number and the date of your passport expires. In addition, UAE residents will also be able to enter using their Emirates ID.
  • Select your nationality from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the captcha before you click on the search tab.

If all the information you provide is correct, the page will show you all the details related to your visa. This way, you will be able to see your expiration date, the validity of your visa, and if it is in process, your UAE visa cancellation.

If you have an entry permit/residence visa, you can check your visa status in the UAE using the GDRFA website. The steps to follow are those:

  • Enter the official website, go to services, and then visa status.
  • You must select residency validity from the drop-down menu as the service you are looking for for the UAE visa inquiry.
  • Enter your residence file number, using its year of issue. You can find this number on the visa page of your passport.
  • Enter your name according to your passport and select your gender.
  • You must specify your correct date of birth in the format dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Complete the captcha and click where it says send.

This way, all your information will be displayed in green below the submission form.

Cancellation of Employment Visa in UAE

No employee has the power to carry out the employment visa cancellation UAE process alone. The sponsor must do the process for you. Additionally, it is important to highlight that your visa in the UAE will automatically expire if you are outside the country. Specifically, if this time is for more than six months, even if you still have time left on your visa.

If the sponsor or employer refuses to do so, you must contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. With them, you can request the help you need for the situation. The other option is to go to the Ministry of Labor since its function is to resolve labor disputes.

The employer can carry out the employment visa cancellation UAE with one of the following modalities.

  • You can go in person to the offices of the General Directorate of Residency and Immigration (GDRFA).
  • The second option is online through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website. The GDRFA websites of the relevant emirate can also be used.

It is important to note that, if you work in the UAE, your sponsor first has to cancel your work permit. That is the work card. For this, you can go to the MoHRE website and later, you have to sign the application. Once you have the employment card canceled, you can proceed to carry out the employment visa cancellation UAE.

In addition, you need some documents to carry out the UAE employment visa cancellation, which are:

  • Cancellation form with sponsor form. If the sponsor is a company, you have to add the company seal.
  • Original passport of the worker who is canceling the visa.
  • Current and original identity card of the worker.
  • Photocopy of the company’s business license.
  • Company employment establishment card.

What happens after the cancellation of the UAE employment visa?

Before going through the employment visa cancellation UAE process and leaving the country, it is important to arrange everything carefully. If you have any irregularity, rest assured that you will be denied a new residence visa.

  • You need to close your bank account and make sure you pay off your credit cards, loans, and car loans. Additionally, you have to make sure you obtain the bank authorization letter for each liability with prior registration.
  • You also have to receive everything regarding the minimum wage in Dubai. That is the salary, benefits, and other agreements with the employer. It is important to remember that you do not have to sign any confirmation letter if you do not receive what you are entitled to.
  • The employee has to pay his utility bills.
  • You have to cancel your lease.
  • Pay off your car loans or sell your car.

After termination, the employee has access to a 28-day grace period to modify their status. In addition, during that time you also have to obtain another residence visa or leave the country. Otherwise, you will have to pay some fines that do not apply during the grace period. If you stay longer after the end of the grace period, you will have to pay the following UAE visa cancellation fee.

  • First day 125 AED.
  • Later days 25 AED.
  • Six months overstay AED 50 per day
  • After one year of stay additional AED 100.

If you apply for a visa within the country without leaving the country, you will not be charged the AED 125 for the first day. Furthermore, according to the immigration system, before the change of status, you have to pay a fine.

What is the grace period to stay in UAE after cancellation?

employment visa cancellation uae

The grace period after employment visa cancellation UAE is the additional time for individuals after their visa expires. Thanks to this, you can stay legally in the country without facing sanctions or consequences. During the grace period, people have to take the necessary steps regarding their visas. For example, renew your visa, apply for a new visa, or make arrangements to leave the country.

The length of the grace period will depend on the specific type. In addition, the regulations are established by the government in the UAE. People must respect and know the grace period. Thus, compliance with immigration laws in the UAE can be guaranteed.

Currently, grace periods vary depending on the type of visa and the category of the holder. Below you will see some of the common scenarios regarding the grace period.

Residence visa: In the UAE, residents have access to more flexible and longer grace periods. This is a maximum of 6 months to stay in the country after the cancellation of the visa.

Visit visa: For these holders, their grace period is shorter and is 10 days after the expiration date.

Gold and green visa: Holders of these types of visas and their families have access to a grace period of a maximum of 180 days.

Widowed or divorced women: Women who live on their husband’s visa and become widowed or divorced have access to 180 days of grace periods. In addition, they can request an extension of a maximum of one year.

Students: Students who have parental sponsorship have access to a 180-day grace period. This is from the expiration date of your residence visa with a maximum duration of 5 years until completing your studies.

Likewise, if you have questions about this, contact us and we will help you because we have a group of professionals trained to do so.

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