MOHRE Enquiry Ensuring Efficient Employment Verifications

mohre enquiry

In the UAE labor market, integrity and above all transparency are fundamental to ensure fair and above all equitable employment relationships. The MOHRE enquiry governs an investigation, which will always seek to confirm the veracity of all employment information given by employees and employers.

In this article we will see firsthand the importance of the MOHRE enquiry, how it simplifies the work process, the MOHRE enquiry services, and all the relevant information about its accuracy methods. Apart from that we will give you important points which will help you to better understand the MOHRE UAE enquiry.

Document Authentication with MOHRE Enquiry

mohre enquiry

Authenticating your documents is the main function of the MOHRE enquiry. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization does a role in which it verifies the validity of all documents submitted.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind that UAE employers most of the time request an authentication of documents as part of their hiring process. This is seen more in cases when the employee is from abroad. For example, they might verify your academic certificates, letters from previous employment, etc.

But generally, the most important documents that are always verified are your visa, work permit, and educational certificates, so you must be aware of why each is verified during the MOHRE inquiry process.

Educational Certificates/Diplomas

The verification of your educational certificates is one of the most important parts of the whole verification process through MOHRE enquiry services. That is why you must be clear on these points:

Validation of educational institutions you attended:

  • The MOHRE enquiry will always be in charge of checking the validity of the institutions you claim to have attended to complete your studies. This translates into inquiries about where you attended your studies, your professors, enrollment, etc.

Verification of all your courses and diplomas:

  • A study will also be made on the courses you have completed whether they are training courses or all your diplomas. To detect any abnormality or fraud in them.

The authenticity of your degree through MOHRE uae enquiry services:

  • In addition to that, an examination will also be done on the veracity of your academic degree. This is to know if it was falsified or has any modification.

Requirement in your hiring process:

  • Having the verification certificate of your studies is most of the time required by employers in the UAE. This is to avoid fraud in their hiring process.

Visa Documents

Please note that in addition to the verification of your qualifications, you will also have to undergo a visa verification process. This plays an important role in the hiring process if you are a foreigner. Let us review what to expect from the MOHRE uae enquiry verification:

Verification of your visa documents:

  • The MOHRE enquiry will take full responsibility to see the veracity of the documents used for your visa submission. This is important for immigrants seeking to work in the UAE.

Confirmation of your documentation through MOHRE UAE enquiry services:

  • Information from the documents you used to apply for your visa will be taken into account. In addition to the validity of your visa, the category it belongs to, and the duration your visa is valid for.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • You will also need to comply with all legal requirements. Verifying your visa will allow you to comply with all immigration and employment regulations in the country.

Benefits of verification:

  • Completing your visa certification through MOHRE enquiry will help you further protect your rights as an employee. This is due to the assurance that all your documents are in order. In addition, it will help your employment image by maintaining transparency and legality in your hiring process.

Work permits

Besides the verification of your work permits is a very important step in the process of your recruitment in the UAE. These are carried out by the MOHRE enquiry, which will always guarantee the legality of all documents and comply with the country’s regulations. That is why you must keep these points in mind:

Verification process of your work permits:

  • The online enquiry MOHRE service is fully responsible for the verification of all your work permit documents in the United Arab Emirates. This is done through a verification process which may consist of submission of documents up to the confirmation of your employment permit.

Confirmation and regulatory compliance:

Protection of your person:

  • Verifying your work permit will open doors to protect your rights. This ensures that your work permit is fully legal and prevents labor exploitation by guaranteeing fair work, fair pay, and efficient working conditions.

Importance for job stability:

  • In addition to all the benefits that confirmation through the online enquiry MOHRE system can bring you, it will help you to have job stability and always be in compliance with UAE labor regulations.

How MOHRE Enquiry Simplifies Work Permit Processes

The MOHRE enquiry in addition to verifying all your documents also plays an important role in streamlining the process of getting a job in the UAE. This is thanks to the services of the MOHRE enquiry which helps in the mobilization of legal and regulatory requirements.

In addition, the MOHRE enquiry helps prevent any errors and delays that may be associated with the submission of your documents, whether fraudulent or incorrect. This translates into achieving transparency and improving integrity in the UAE labor market.

To this it can help you with your work visa renewal and work permit fees, so let us see how the MOHRE system can be of great help to you:

Work Permit Renewal Procedures

The simplification of renewing your work permit through the MOHRE enquiry system is significant. Saving a lot of time for you and taking the concept of regulation and rule-following firsthand. We will have a look at some of the ways in which this can be achieved:

Centralized platform for verification:

  • MOHRE enquiry will give you a platform for you to submit your job renewal application. This itself will simplify the process by allowing you to submit your application online.

Guidance and assistance:

  • In addition to this, the MOHRE enquiry offers first-hand guidance and assistance throughout your renewal process. It will give you information on the necessary documents and the procedures to follow.


  • With MOHRE enquiry systems, you will have the facility to quickly verify your documents, and quickly process your renewal application.
  • Also, keep in mind that to renew your work permit you will need to follow these steps:
  • Your employer must electronically approve your application form.
  • You will need to submit your renewal through the MOHRE system.
  • You will have to pay the corresponding fees
  • Once your application is verified and approved you will be given your renewed work permit.

Work Permit Fees and Costs

The MOHRE UAE enquiry service guided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization provides various work permits, which allow companies to hire their workers in a legal and regulated manner. Of these there are several rates that you should keep in mind, let us review what they are:

  • Work permits for qualified personnel

Companies level A: AED 1,200

Level B companies: AED 2,200

C companies: AED 2,700

Level D companies: AED 3,200

  • There are also fees for work permits for limited skilled workers.

Category 3: AED 2,550

Category 4: AED 5,000

Any other work rates such as entertainment or temporary may also apply. But you need to consult according to your type of company and personal situation.

In addition to all this, the MOHRE enquiry system has a clear structure in all its rates, which will always give you clarity in the pricing of the same. Not to mention that it gives detailed information on the costs associated with work permits.

It should also be added that the calculation of the same is accurate depending on your situation. Always keep updated on the changes in the rates in case of any doubt. In case you have any questions, the system has customer service capable of solving all your concerns.

Importance of MOHRE Enquiry in Labor Verification

mohre enquiry

The importance of the MOHRE enquiry service in the current times is many, as this platform helps in the regulation and certification of employees in the United Arab Emirates. That is why it is important to address its importance within the country.

Assurance and veracity

  • The MOHRE enquiry helps in the authenticity of employment information given by employees or employers. It aids transparency in the UAE labor market.

Compliance with regulations

  • Being able to verify all your documents securely helps to comply with UAE labor regulations. Helping to protect your rights whether you are a worker or an employer.

Fraud prevention

  • In addition to all of the above, it helps prevent fraud or inconsistencies in your documents. This is achieved by thorough investigation.

Facilitate the hiring process

  • Providing a document verification mechanism contributes to the easy hiring of immigrants.

Promoting fair labor relations

  • Also, MOHRE enquiry verification helps to promote labor relations. Making them fair and transparent by ensuring the rights of both sides and respecting the UAE labor laws.

In conclusion, the MOHRE system is very important in today’s times to be able to verify the veracity of all your documents at the time of being hired. Giving you also the facility to enjoy your rights as a worker or employer knowing that you comply with all the regulations given by the country.

Adding also that it facilitates the hiring process generating more jobs and greater confidence among the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Remember that if you want to know more about this and other topics you can visit our blog section, or if you want to write to us you can do it at, we will be waiting for you.

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